3 Signs you Need a Fresh Career Start in 2020. We're Hiring!

7 months ago #Success

A new year is always an exciting chance for a fresh start, but 2020 is extra special.

We are entering a new decade with unlimited potential. It’s time to make even bigger resolutions this year than ever before.

As recruitment consultants, we at FSM Group have seen it all – the desire to switch jobs while feeling simultaneously stuck, obliged to stay or afraid of change is common. Are you longing for an exciting new career venture 2020? These are 3 sure-fire signs that it’s time to switch jobs. 

1. You lack energy

When you’re unmotivated, you don’t have the energy to complete anything. 

If you already dread getting up early for work the night before, it’s a sign that your job is not suitable for you anymore. Getting up early is not a pain when you look forward to seeing your colleagues and working on your ongoing processes! 

In recruitment specifically, you always have ongoing processes to handle with both clients and candidates - an exciting part of the job as you match suitable candidates with their dream job and earn commissions. There is never a dull moment. 

2. You often check out other companies' cultures

Perhaps the job itself is good, but your company’s culture is slacking a bit. If you enjoy your tasks but feel as if you are surrounded by people who do not motivate or inspire you, you might find yourself stalking other businesses’ profiles on Instagram and watching with envy as their staff have fun together. 

Many candidates applying here at FSM Group have referred to our Instagram profile as motivation to join our company. A great company culture is important as it keeps you involved and helps you feel like part of a larger family.

If you are feeling a bit left out or lacking that “part-of-something-bigger” feeling, it’s time to survey your options. 

3. You feel like your hard work goes unrecognised 

Maybe your company culture is nice, your job is good and you enjoy your tasks. If this is the case, then you must be very successful at work. No promotion yet? No raise in salary? Your efforts would be better recognised somewhere else. 

Hard work should be rewarded. Meeting your goals is one thing, but achieving tangible rewards for hitting your targets is another. At FSM Group, we provide incentives all year long that encourage and reward people for their excellent results like Michelin star lunches, trips to Las Vegas and a Rolex just to name a few. 

Naturally, you’re expected to meet your goals at work, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get recognised for doing a great job. If you’re missing this, it’s time to see where your skills could be put to better use.

Do some of these signs feel relatable to you? Weigh your options and see what kind of risk you need to take to start off this new decade in the right direction. If you’re someone who is willing to take a risk for the chance to achieve the best, then you’re exactly the type of person we’re looking for. Apply now to become a recruitment consultant for one of our 4 brands and start the year off right. 


Happy New Year from FSM Group!