Wanted: Compliance Officers

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Wanted: Legal/Compliance Officers

Legal/Compliance officers are a crucial part of financial departments and therefore are in high demand. James Woodman answers all of your questions about choosing a legal/compliance officer as a career. What does the job entail? What kind of compensation can you expect for your work? Find all of the answers below.


What does a Compliance Officer do?

Legal/compliance officers ensure that the company they are working with operates within a legal and principled manner. Compliance officers have the goal of advising organisations on possible risks associated with their financials, as well as putting in place programs to enforce compliance in accordance with the laws.


What salary can you expect as a Compliance Officer in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, compliance officers can earn on average between 45k to 100k per year depending on the exact position. We have many jobs available for applications now.


What kind of personality is necessary?

In order to become a successful compliance officer, the ideal candidate for this role would be:

  • Ethical and honourable: in order to comply with all laws, compliance officers must possess these qualities
  • Reasonable: related to ethical and honourable, compliance officers must have reason to be able to comply with rules and scrutinise facts
  • Meticulous: this job requires a meticulous study of facts and figures. It relies on the ability of the person to check every figure without overlooking any crucial information
  • Confidence: legal/compliance officer jobs are based on ethics and not on relationships. It is important to be able to tell right from wrong and to have the confidence to stand beside decisions.


At James Woodman, we have many open positions available for Legal/Compliance Officers. Apply now and get in touch with our specialised recruiters who will help you find your next step in your financial career.  


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