Best Coding Languages for Traders

il y a 3 ans #Success

Trading has changed within the past few years. To be on the trading floor now, how important are your technical skills? It depends on the type of trading you are doing, but nowadays, it can be important to know at least one programming language.


Different Languages for Different Trading?


Speed is of the essence in sell-side trading, so the programming languages like C++ and Java are the best fit in these cases.

However, Python is the preferred language for most quantitative traders because of the availability of packages specifically for data analysis. Another popular option is R, as it is the default language used at many universities for statistical courses.


If you Only Have Time for One...


There are multiple different languages that can be used according to the different types of trading, so if you have time to focus on only one, Python is the best bet. It is the most versatile and widely used in other industries as well, making it the most useful. 


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