Top Jobs in the Finance Sector for 2020

il y a 3 ans #Success

The financial sector has many opportunities to offer. Finance is one of the top 25 majors that students study and thus the best entry-level jobs are crucial to know. In 2020, the top-paying entry-level finance jobs in chronological order, according to are:


  1. Accountant

  2. Tax Associate

  3. Financial Analyst

  4. Credit Analyst

  5. Data Analyst

  6. Budget Analyst

  7. Economist

  8. Insurance Claims Adjuster

  9. Insurance Underwriter

  10. Personal Finance Advisor

  11. Actuary

  12. Compensation and Benefits Specialist

  13. Financial Auditor

  14. Loan Officer

  15. Financial Planner


Whether you're just beginning your finance career or you're an established finance professional, James Woodman can offer you jobs in all sectors. Work closely with our finance recruiters to find your perfect match. 


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