3 Tips to Maximise your Job Search Success in 2020

il y a 3 ans #Success

Should you be job searching in the middle of the pandemic? The answer is yes, absolutely! Despite the negative connotation about the availability of jobs, the pandemic has opened many opportunities. They are yours for the taking.

How can you maximise your chances of finding a job during the pandemic? Use these tips below.


1. Upload your CV to the Cloud

If you can’t access your CV within 5 minutes of a phone call or viewing of a job posting, you’re too slow! Have your CV ready to go hosted on the cloud across all of your devices. This way, you’re ready to apply to any opportunity without having to put too much extra effort in. Cloud storage includes platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. 


2. Establish Goals

You should establish goals ahead of time. How many CVs do you want to send out this week? How many new, valuable LinkedIn connections do you hope to have by the end of the week? Setting concrete goals can help you stay motivated to keep applying to new jobs every day. Tip: connect with our recruitment consultants at James Woodman within your region on LinkedIn. We post new jobs every day!


3. Practice Video Interviews

As you know, the world has gone digital thanks to the pandemic. Your interview will likely be a video call. Make sure you have an account set up on a system such as Skype or Zoom.  Find out where in your living space you’ll be able to use to set up a professional-looking space with good lighting. Decide whether you will use headphones or not and make sure your speaker and your camera are working correctly.


At James Woodman, we know that opportunities in finance are still plentiful. We have new job vacancies available every day for our clients in various sectors of finance. Browse our jobs and find your dream opportunity today. 



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